• I’m a communications professional from Canada, now based in Seoul, with degrees in business and communications, plus a journalism diploma and more than 13 years of experience in writing and editing roles.
  • Most of my professional experience involves helping other people express their ideas more naturally in English.
  • I share my life with three amazing cats.
  • The picture on the left is me in front of the War and Women’s Human Rights Museum in Seoul in 2017.
  • Last year I passed Korea’s Social Integration Program, a government program for foreigners who want to learn about Korean culture and gain intermediate Korean language skills. (My Korean language skills still need a ton of work, though.)
  • If you need help with a writing project or have ideas for this blog, please visit my profile on LinkedIn or Upwork (you need to be on LinkedIn or Upwork to see it) or use the contact form on this site.
  • If you’d like to see samples of my past writing for The Korea Herald, The Korea Times and the Animal Rescue Korea website, please visit my Issuu profile.
  • To see my articles in Groove Korea magazine in 2014 and 2015, produced with additional reporting by other journalists, visit my writing clips page at Issuu.
  • To view my editing samples from Groove Korea magazine, produced during my time as travel editor in 2015, visit my editing clips page at Issuu.